Mercedes-Benz before WWII

After the merging of Benz and Daimler, the new company will encounter some difficulties before to become a legend

The first model of the new company, Mercedes-Benz was the 140 (W01), a small car presented at the Berlin motor show in 1926. However the company decided to not produce it in the end. Some new models were produced until Ferdinand Porsche decided to modify the Typ 630K and the 6 liters supercharged engine by boring it out to 6.8 liters. The Typ 680S (W06) was presented in 1927 and made its racing debut at the NurburGring, driven by Rudolf Caracciola. It was a very expensive but exceptional sports car that had its fame.

The Mercedes-Benz W06 1927
The Mercedes-Benz W06 1927

In the following years, Mercedes-Benz developed several racing cars which became famous. T he Paris Motor Show in 1930 saw the launch of the Grosser Mercedes (W07), a car that for more than a decade was the most expensive, exclusive and luxurious automobile on sale in Europe. Its size and relative price tag ensured that it soon became a 'must' for every Head of State in the world, from the former Kaiser Wilhem II to Emperor Hiro to in Japan, who purchased seven! It was powered by an eight-cylinder 7.7 liter engine, was available in different bodywork versions, and there was even a supercharged model, the Typ 770K.

The Mercedes-Benz W07
The Mercedes-Benz W07 1930

But the car that was to become the biggest seller for the next decade was launched in 1931, the Typ 170 (W015).

The Mercedes-Benz W15
The Mercedes-Benz W15 1931

In 1936 the new technical director, Max Sailer, produce the Typ 540K. This became the favorite car of Hitler, who ordered an armored plate version for himself and a splendid cabriolet which he gave to Eva Braun. Several new cars were produced the same year, including the Typ 260D (W138),the first production car in the world to be fitted with a Diesel engine. But soon the German rearmament program and the war will affect the company, which will be forced to stop any production not considered useful to the war effort. The allied bombings will hit severally Mercedes-Benz after 1939.