Driving a Ford Model T

Imagine the experience...

To drive a model T, one needs to use both feet and keep his hands on the wheel. The three pedals on the floor hadn’t the functions that we can expect in today’s cars. The right pedal was not an accelerator, but the brake. We can find the accelerator on steering wheel! The center pedal is for reverse gear engagement and the left pedal can be considered as a clutch. Down to the maximum, you have engaged the low band and are in “low”. When you release it the Model T entered high gear. The neutral is halfway!

driving a model T

You can imagine the feeling of driving a Model T ... and most cars of that period. Grab your daily car altogether. Place a wooden plank on the seat and another on the back to recreate the seat of a T model. Remove the side windows, the rear window and the roof, disable the heating system and air conditioning. Get rid of the radio, seat belts, airbags and other superfluous articles as the starter or the fuel pump. To refuel the car, remove the front seat and check under with a stick the gasoline level before to pour some more. To recreate the lighting power, apply a layer of opaque black paint on 90 % of the surface of the headlights.

Put a large piece of wood under the accelerator. Change the steering ratio so that a street corner requires you to turn twice more the steering wheel - but you also need to use frequent corrections in straight line. Remove the oil from the servo-brake in order to recreate the feeling when you apply the brakes. Change a tire every 25 miles when some horseshoe nail penetrates the fragile rubber tires. But don't forget... the alternative is not to drive your modern car but to ride on a horse.